Wednesday, June 9, 2010


NORTH EAST LUZON FOUNDATION, INC. (NELFI) is not a scam but a real dream that will soon come true. The officers are now receiving their financial assistance soon. We are waiting since time in memorial but at last they are being distributed now.

The schedule will before December 2011.

The release of this financial assistance was being postponed because the process is too complicated. The founder wanted not to announce this releasal due to the reason that plenty individuals who are out of the group wanted not the money to be released.

This is real group whose founder is Atty. Jeremias S. Torres. The main office is in Mt. Tapaya, Nueva Ecija.

If you will question its integrity. Just go to Mt. Tapaya. Join us!


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  2. Good Morning!
    kumusta ang nelfi sa lugar nyo?

  3. its Nov 26 2012 already. hows my Nelfi going? here in cebu still no positive development. still no sign of the RELEASE. they are asking to its member to open bank account. what this about? whats the use of those SIGCARD and all those plenty of papers we process for 9years already.
    i just read the letter from Security and Exchange Commission that NELFI's Registration is Already Revoked for more than 2 years already. heres the link,%20Inc.pdf
    Can someone here explain this LEGAL DOCUMENTS????

  4. is there a Nelfi group in Negros Oriental?

  5. Nelfi is fake I guess.. No solid proof of the foundation.. Is it a non profit org? You keep on promising the people of the release of money or loans will be very soon.. How many years have passed still no sign of improvement. You keep on collecting registration fees!! payment for forms!! stop fooling around!!

  6. No money will ever be paid out by nelfi because all the money they get goes to pay their own officers wake up and smell the bullshit.

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  9. stop fooling people jolatee. NELFI is a total scam! i have my proof because my mom's retarded ex-boyfriend joined this crap that resorted him to sell most of his properties, fell into serious debts here and there and left all the troubles to my mom. and another absurd thing is that he even named my little sister "Nelfi" which is really really fucking stupid. In addition to the stupidity of this dimwitt, he went to Mt. Tapaya and lived there because according to him, there were plenty of paper works to do, constantly bragging about all the assemblies and meetings "with the officials" he attended and blah blah" but later did we know that he was just tending somebody else's farm in mt. tapaya! after my mom learned about it, she asked him to just come home, but he wouldn't because he was completely blinded by his pride and the inanity of this make-believe foundation. he even asked my mom more than twice to send him money for food while the poor woman was left alone dealing helplessly with the oppressing loan-sharks whom he lend money from. i told mom to just ignore him and move on with their lives because surely this imbecile could no longer support his two kids because he's totally broke! amazingly, the retard endured hunger and stupidity at the peak of that mountain for 6 years, hopeful for the big amount of money to be given to them/him by these heartless scumbags who were probably laughing behind their doors for the great success of their fraud.
    Just recently the moron went home, i didn't see him personally though but my mom told me he looked sick as shit, but I am goddamn glad that my mother broke up with him.
    his life became miserable and no NELFI money was ever given to him. nada.
    So to those who still believe that this fancy half-million-loan the nelfi founder had promised you will ever come true, well, it's time to wake up from that daydream and return to the real world because aside from the fact that it is just a fucking waste of time, it's also never going to happen. not at all.

  10. Please please free my family from this scam...almost 12 years of stupidity and wasting money and time for nonsense

  11. whoever this heartless founder of this so-salled NELFI foundation come out and answer all allegations. You are misleading all this people., give their life back..

  12. Mga walang magawa mga kawatan..